Making Requests

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Getting Started
You can paste the command below into your terminal to run your first API request. Make sure to replace YOUR_API_KEY with your secret API key.
Now you've generated your first completion. If you concatenate the prompt and the completion text (which the API will do for you if you set the echo parameter to true), the resulting text is "Say this is a test. This is a test." You can also set the stream parameter to true for the API to stream back text (as data-only server-sent events).
Your account starts in development mode, and you must manually review and curate any outputs before displaying them to users. See our app review process when you're ready to start serving production traffic.
API Private Key
Auto-generated API Keys

"id": "cmpl-GERzeJQ4lvqPk8SkZu4XMIuR"

"object": "text_completion"

"created": 1586839808

"model": "text-davinci:002"

From Transactions

"platform": "youTube"

"minprice": 50000

"maxprice": 1000000

"region": "eu"